• Violin Antonio Stradivari S1

    This instrument, one of the most perfectly preserved Stradivaris in existence, finally appeared and now resides in Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum. Its outline and measurements provide the inspiration for my S1 model.

  • Violin Del Gesu Guarneri G1

    Guarneri’s violins are thought by many connoisseurs to outstrip even the instruments of Stradivari in tonally expressive possibilities with a dark, masculine character often noted.

  • Violin Nicolò Amati NA1

    My goal with the NA1 is to preserve the beauty of line found in the 1649 N. Amati “Alard”, while adjusting the arching and overall size of the instrument to enlarge the sound for the modern player.

  • Viola Andrea Amati AA1

    I was drawn to the beautiful outline of the body and elegant carving and proportions of the scroll of this instrument, as well as the great reputation Amati violas have earned among generations of violists.

  • The Paris Double-Blind Violin Experiment

    In September of 2012, a historic test took place in Paris, France, involving some of the worlds finest violins and violinists. In 2015 David Finck Violins Ranked ”First in Tone” at The Violin Society of America’s Oberlin Violin Makers Acoustic Workshop

    Violin 8 Back-001 (2)
  • Violin Nicolò Amati NA110

    The aesthetic of Amati and the strength and character of sound found in works by Guarneri and Vuillaume.

    Violin Opus 10 | The Amati family is often credited with having fixed that basic form of the violin beginning with the efforts of Andrea in the mid-1500's.
  • Violin Antonio Stradivari S18

    This violin takes inspiration from Stradivari’s 1716 ”Messiah” in outward form and basic measurements. It is a powerful instrument with ringing overtones.

    Violin 8 Back-001
  • Music Conservatories

    Conservatories are the most individual and popular type of music school. Conservatories completely focus on music and do not specialize in anything else.

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  • The Peabody Institute

    One of America’s first and most prestigious conservatories of music. Peabody aims to educate the finest musicians from around the world. Our faculty are among the most distinguished, our curriculum is among the most rigorous and our environment is among the most supportive of any music conservatory.

    1-Violin 8 Back-001
  • The Eastman School of Music

    For nine decades, the Eastman School of Music has been one of America’s leaders in musical composition, performance, and education. Eastman is an amazing community of artists, performers, composers, and scholars who are committed to preparing students for meaningful lives in music.

  • Master Craftsman David Finck

    So what could David Finck, a master woodworker from Valle Crucis, North Carolina, possibly have in common with those European violin makers of the 16th to 18th centuries? Plenty, it turns out!

  • Testimonial Mikhail Kopelman

    ”He is a wonderful violin maker. His instruments are very powerful, with warm beautiful tone and marvelous range of many different colours.” ~ Mikhail Kopelman

    #4 Front LR-002
  • Violinists Gil Morgenstern & Harumi Rhodes

    This past summer I had the pleasure of receiving an in-depth critique of several of my recently made violins from violinists Gil Morgenstern and Harumi Rhodes at the Rosen Hall on the campus of Appalachian State University.

  • Youth Symphony Media

    Youth Symphony Media, founded in 2014 in San Francisco Bay Area, California, is one of the first online media for young classical musicians in the world.

  • Off and Running

    ”Amati. Maggini. Stradivari. Guarneri… Finck? The latter name, it’s safe to say, is never mentioned in the same breath as that of the former, whose violins are heralded and spoken of with a reverence verging on the religious. So what could David Finck, a woodworker from Valle Crucis, North Carolina, possibly have in common with those European violin makers of the 16th to 18th centuries?. Plenty, it turns out.” ~ Allison West

    #4 Front LR-002
  • Three to Get Ready

    Three violins in the initial stage of finishing.

  • The Neck Mortise

    Fitting the neck mortise is a crucial point in the construction of a violin.

    Violin 8 Bridge-002
  • First Notes on First Violin

    First Notes on First Violin ”Gelibt” | LEDAH FINCK is in her third year of college pursuing a Bachelor degree in music at The Peabody Conservatory, where she studies violin with Herbert Greenberg and composition with Judah Adashi.